Le Squisivoglie enters the international market with a new brand: “Sun Italy”. A brand which is immediate, catching, recognizable, easy to remember and clearly linked with Italy, synonymous with quality, taste and excellence of products “Made in Italy”.

The flavor, the taste and the genuineness of Le Squisivoglie products, an already well appreciated brand in Italy that reachs the tables all over the world with a wide range of products to realize various tasty pairings. From olives to tomatoes, from artichokes to the delicious paté, a celebration of authentic flavors that make every occasion special. Convenient packages for all needs, versatile in cooking to prepare and enrich every dish. Several lines and products of quality to satisfy all palates, ever new and surprising flavors for the whole family.

A world of excellence and delicacy to be discovered every day playing with imagination and creating always new recipes with Le Squisivoglie products.

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