To satisfy even the most demanding palates, here are the patè: a new way to taste olives and beyond. You can use the paté as an ingredient for pizza or to spread them on the toasts, to stuff canapés, to dress pasta and rice salads, to use with salads. The paté are the perfect ingredient to use in the kitchens of Restaurant, winebar, best pizzerias and osterias, hotels and grand hotels, caterings etc. Paté are a must for lunch or dinner with friends and colleagues, bring joy in family and make every buffet or unconventional food a success.

Using the paté you bring on every table the best tastes of mediterranean cuisine and Made in Italy: colors, fragrances, flavours and a delicate consistency that will win you at first taste.

Black olives, green olives, artichokes, hot peppers, tomatoes - mushrooms and black olives, a touch of imagination and creativity in all the recipes that will amaze everyone. The true taste of olives as just picked.

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